About us

HLB MEHMETKOC established in 2011 to provide Tax Consultantcy, Tax Compliance, Accountancy, Audit and Legal services in Turkey for local and international clients, HLB MEHMETKOC is a member of HLB International since 2013. HLB International is a member of “Forum of Firms” and leading network of independent professional accounting firms and business advisers with member firms operating in more than 100 countries. With its competent and experienced staff, HLB MEHMETKOC will be delighted to provide you with fast and reliable service by producing optimum solutions that meet your needs and expectations in HLB International standards.

Who we are

HLB MEHMETKOC serves its clients with the experienced and competent staff.

We serve with our experienced and competent staff such as the former Head of the Istanbul Tax Office and  the former Head of the Large-Taxpayers Tax Office Dr. Mehmet KOC and   the former Head of Department of and the Deputy General Manager of Tax Administration Erturk BARLAS.

HLB MEHMETKOC serves our clients all over Turkey.

We provides servces not only in Istanbul but also in the other cities in Turkey such as Izmir, Ankara, Antalya, Bursa.

HLB MEHMETKOC provides tailor made services for its each clients.

With the awareness that the structure and needs of each of clients are different, we provide tailor made services to each of our customers.

HLB MEHMETKOC serves a limited number of clients from A to Z by penetrating deeply.

Instead of aiming to serve every company, we provide all kinds of services from A to Z in the fields of tax, accounting, independent auditing and law, by taking quality time and penetrating deeply into each of our limited number of clients.

HLB MEHMETKOC expert on the specific topics that require special knowledge.

Merger, acquisition, demerger, concordatum, financial restructuring and reporting for foreign companies are our expertise.

Our competent and experienced lawyer team protects your rights at the maximum level.

Our team led by Laywer Assoc. Dr. Mehmet KOÇ, worked for Tax Administration as an inspector, Head of the Istanbul Tax Office and Head of the Large-Taxpayers Tax Office, guides the companies with academic, theoretical, practical and bureaucratic experience, especially during tax inspections to be carried out by tax inspectors and protect the rights of our clients to a maximum level in cases filed against tax and penalties.

HLB MEHMETKOC has licences issued by KGK, SPK and EPDK to provide auditing services.

We have licenses issued by Turkish Public Oversight Accounting and Auditing Standards Authority,  the Capital Markets Board and the Energy Market Regulatory Authority to provide independent audit services.

HLB MEHMETKOC Independent Audit Reports are accepted by the institutions and organizations not only in Turkey but also in foreign countries.

Our independent audit reports prepared in accordance with the principles and international audit standards determined by KGK, SPK, EPDK and HLB International are accepted by the institutions and organizations, courts, banks and other financial institutions in Turkey and  abroad.

HLB MEHMETKOC has the opportunity to provide services and reports in different languages.

With our graduate staff abroad, we are able to offer our service and report to our clients in Turkish, English, French and Russian.


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